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At Calder Windows, we stock a broad variety of carefully selected home safety and energy efficient products. We recognise the need to build a living environment that is as secure as it is sustainable, which is why we are careful to collaborate and source products only from suppliers and companies with proven track records in those areas.
We extend our home safety and door lock products to clients throughout Wakefield and West Yorkshire. We have also serviced clients in Normanton, Castleford, Knottingley, Featherstone, Pontefract and more.

Home Safety & Door Locks in Wakefield and West Yorkshire

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Calder Windows provides sustainable, energy saving products designed to limit damage to the environment. Our products are now more energy efficient than ever. Less heat loss will also impact positively towards reducing your heating bills, not to mention the positive contribution you will make towards reducing your carbon emissions. We also ensure that our supply chain has comprehensive environmental policies in place to ensure that stringent recycling measures are implemented. All of our products are manufactured with energy efficiency in mind!

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Home Security

Home safety is a serious concern for us. The Calder Windows Definitive Collection will bring a high standard of security to you and your home. Products, such as our top-notch door locks, are specially designed with market leading components to bring together a complete security package that gives you peace of mind. You will be comforted to know that all of our residential, composite and French doors are fitted with the world’s leading lock brand, Yale, as standard.

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We provide and install a range of home renovation and home improvement products, listed and outlined below. We extend our home renovation and home improvement services to clients throughout Wakefield and West Yorkshire.

Looking for a free quote on our home safety and door lock products in Wakefield or West Yorkshire? Look no further than Calder Windows! Get in touch with us at 01924 897 040.

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